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Recommendations for Secure Zoom Sessions

Awareness Solution

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Key Stats

23 Years of Experience in Cybersecurity

Trained Over 6000 Cybersecurity Professionals

Over 150 Cybersecurity Specialists

Innovation Thought Leader

value customers users viewer

Over 80% Clients are Banks, Insurance Companies & Telecom

Member of the FIRST


Gain insight into the information security universe through advanced analytics, providing artificial intelligence to develop a predictive model

Let us support your business with our security incident detection and response services.

Secure your cloud environment. Maximize the benefits it offers your business.

Protect your endpoint devices against malware or advanced threats.

Implement a process of prevention, detection and response to threats that jeopardize the continuity of your business.
Control access to business from different network segments ensuring protection against threats.
Build authentication, authorization, and auditing capabilities in your corporate environment.
Adapt your business to detect and respond to cyber threats in industrial process assets.


Education and awareness portfolio designed to develop professional skills and for end user good practices.

Our Blogs

Recommendations for Secure Zoom Sessions

RANSOMWARE Attacks Can be Managed


Cryptomining and the impact on business environments in Latin America

MDR Service Definitions

Next generation endpoint protection EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

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