Netrum-SITA revolutionizes cybersecurity management for CISOs and CIOs. A tool designed to integrate cyber risk quantification and optimization, it transforms cybersecurity data into strategic business insights, enhancing board-level communication.

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Mastering Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

Addressing increased cyber exposure, risk management, and budget constraints, Netrum-SITA guides optimal cybersecurity investments.


Escalating Cyber Exposure

Tackles the complexity of web applications, cloud architecture, and increased attack surfaces in modern enterprises.


Managing Cyber Risks

Focuses on mitigating supply chain, internal, and automated threats, crucial for robust cybersecurity posture.


Budget Optimization

Solves budgetary challenges in cybersecurity, ensuring efficient allocation of resources for maximum protection.

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Business-Centric Cybersecurity Approach

Netrum-SITA empowers CISOs with real-time incident data and remediation efforts in a business context, enabling informed, impactful cybersecurity decisions and effective communication with the board.

Unique Business-Focused Cybersecurity

Netrum-SITA stands out with its asset-based, risk quantification approach, integrating cybersecurity into business strategy effectively.

● Insightful Analytics

Provides deep insights, contextualizing cybersecurity environments and enhancing decision-making capabilities.

● Effective Investment ROI

Calculates Return on Security Investment (ROSI), guiding CISOs in making smart cybersecurity investment decisions.

● Accurate Risk Modeling

Calculates Return on Security Investment (ROSI), guiding CISOs in making smart cybersecurity investment decisions.

● Real-Time Data Integration

Delivers near real-time data on incidents and operations, ensuring CISOs stay ahead in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Netrum-SITA offers advanced threat intelligence capabilities, enabling CISOs to understand and mitigate the impact of critical infrastructure threats and align cybersecurity investments with business priorities.

Strategic Risk Quantification

The platform quantifies cybersecurity risks in economic terms, empowering CISOs to communicate effectively with the business, highlighting the economic impact of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Investment Simulator

Netrum-SITA includes a ROSI simulator, aiding in the calculation of cybersecurity investments’ return, facilitating smarter budget allocations based on risk and performance metrics.

Comprehensive Visibility Enhancement

Addresses visibility gaps in cybersecurity, leveraging automation, ML, and AI to provide CISOs with a holistic view of their security landscape, aiding in becoming trusted advisors to the board.


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By calculating ROSI and simulating investment outcomes, Netrum-SITA ensures optimal cybersecurity spending aligned with business needs.

Netrum-SITA uniquely integrates cybersecurity with business strategy, focusing on asset-based risk quantification.

It offers real-time data in a business context, empowering CISOs to communicate effectively with boards and make informed decisions.

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