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Network Security

With threat actors now pivoting across both IT and OT environments, cyber risk is a reality in both worlds. Services Protection and Consulting provides the necessary methodology to deploy secure IT/OT Convergence

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Provide peace of mind to our clients in their operating environments

We walk one step further to provide services aligned with our vision of providing innovative and performance-enhancing cyber solutions to be a preferred choice.


Operational Resilience

Keeping the production process operating is mission #1 even if we are under a cyber attack.


Operational Efficiency

Enable predictive maintenance models and telemetry data in the cloud securely.


Risk Management

Identify priorities within the operating environment and critical assets that must be further protected.

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Journey to Proactive CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity based on Business context.
Consolidation: platforms approach consolidating point controls
Culture: Establish a Security culture and empower people.
Cybernation: Heavy Automation to detect and respond fast.
Continuum: Cybersecurity is a continous assessment and an investment

Key facts at a glance

Cybersecurity challenges can be expressed in data and facts that can be overwhelming. ETEK helps you respond to a constantly changing environment and new challenges.

● Experience

We have more than 5 years of experience in developing successful projects in the countries in which we have a presence.

● We know the cybersecurity challenges

We are experts in cybersecurity for more than 26 years making transformations and changes to face the challenges that the industry requires.

● We develop more than 12 customized solutions

Our mission is to accompany our clients on the path to security and jointly develop skills and capabilities for this.

● Experience with global suppliers and presence on different continents

We are allies for the design, deployment and monitoring of cutting-edge technological solutions, both in LATAM and in India.

Know your cybersecurity posture

Assess the current status of the ISMS, determine the gap against ISA62443 or NIST and develop a risk analysis.

Manage your weaknesses

Discover your existing assets and his vulnerabilities. Prioritize your asset protection efforts to prevent risks and maximize the return on your security investment.

Protection engineering in OT environment

Custom design for your operational environment of the most cost-effective measures (in-depth visibility, segmentation, Backups, vulnerability management and patch management)

Improve resilience and digital transformation

A transversal cybersecurity strategy determines a better understanding of the investment requirements and unified response of the organization to possible attacks.


Key Questions asked by our clients.

ETEK's 4th Generation DLP services sets apart from the traditional way of classifying and controling data with the use of AI led platform that considerably reduces the effort to setup data protection solution.

The solution is charged at cost per user.

The solution can be implemented on cloud, on premise and in a hybrid setup. There is a need to install an Endpoint agent when subscribing to End Point DLP services otherwise the solution is implemented to into Network traffic.

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