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ETEK’s MDR with Risk Quantification provides contextualized, comprehensive, and continuous coverage to detect & respond against known and unknown threats.
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Top 3 Cybersecurity challenges faced by organizations today!

Anticiparse a una amenaza cibernetica externa que pueda materializar un riesgo es actualmente un imperativo que implica tener total visibilidad, capacidad de reacción y agilidad al momento de tomar decisiones de mitigación.


Evolving Threat landscape

The nature of threat vectors are changing everyday making it more challenging to capture and defend against them using legacy solutions.


Limited Visibility

Traditional solutions focus on capturing only the network traffic internally to the organization completely ignoring the logs from endpoints and threats from outside.


Prioritize Cybersec Investment

There are limited avenues to identify and prirotize the cybersec investments because of the lack of computation of return of security investments.

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ETEK's World Class MDR with Risk Quantification

ETEK’s MDR services focuses on providing comprehensive contextualized services for the clients while taking an asset based approach to indentify the inherent and residual risk, prioritize the controls required and basis that jot out a plan to improve security posture basis the return on security investmentscidentes.

Why you should choose ETEK's MDR

Foco en proporcionar una visibilidad unificada y profunda del panorama de amenazas mediante el descubrimiento, la recopilación y el análisis de inteligencia sobre ciberamenazas de la surface web deep web y dark web.


Map client’s business & cybersecurity context. Internal as well as external.

Platform based automation led approach

Recommend a platform-based approach which significantly reduces human intervention through automation.

360 degree converage

As part of our services we cover holistically the internal and external threat landscape through AI SOC, Threat Intel platform and risk quantification.

Team of Experts

Experienced team for Support and implementation to help deliver services aligned to compliance, industry and business requirements.

Threat Intelligence

Services to provide external context for Threat landscape aligned to client’s business and brand. Threat intelligence enables our clients to make faster, more informed, data-backed security decisions and change their behavior from reactive to proactive in the fight against cyber threats.

Risk Quatification

Risk quantification allows clients to start viewing Cybersecurity not as an expense but more as an Investment with the computation of Return on Security Investments. This allows clients to prirotize thier cybersec investment.


Services to provide internal context to protect against any threats that may be targeting or have already entered your IT network. This includes the use of platform based services to deliver SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, NTA/NBAD and IDS/IPS.

Incidence Reponse

Dedicated services to provide our clients with the process for incident response helping them in indentifying the threat vector, what caused the breach and how to recover from it. We have our experts working 24×7 across the globe to support our cilents.


Key Questions asked by our clients.

MDR services includes Risk Quatification, Threat Intel, SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, NTA / NBAD, IDS/IPS, Incidence Response delivery in the platform based model from our SOC centers.

MDR services includes Risk Quatification, Threat Intel, SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, NTA / NBAD, IDS/IPS, Incidence Response delivery in the platform based model from our SOC centers.

With the evolving threat landscape, the compliance requirement also keep evolving. Given MDR is an end to end comprehensive service, it becomes ETEK's responsibility to ensure that all compliances while met while we protect our client.

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