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Early intelligence matters

Identifying a potential threat early before a risk exposure materializes makes all the difference to an organization that is serious about protecting its business objectives in a constantly challenging and dynamic landscape.

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Identify and mitigate risks on the external digital surface

Anticipating an external cyber threat that could materialize a risk is currently an imperative that implies having full visibility, reactivity and agility when making mitigation decisions.


Limited visibility on external surface

Limited coverage of the external attack surface reduces the chances of being effective in identifying and containing business risks.


Make informed decisions in a timely manner

How to validate in a very short time the threat is real and how its impact affects the business?


How best to respond to an incident?

Actions leading to effective mitigation of the present threat require a good understanding of the capabilities and best solution alternatives.

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How does ETEK support the achievement of these challenges?

Our service focuses on a unified view of the digital risk footprint across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web covering the following capabilities.
  • *Brand reputation risk management.
  • *Darkweb Monitoring & Cybercrime intelligence.
  • *Reducing cyber-attack surface.
  • *Supply chain risk management.
  • *Improving incident response capabilities.

Early detection of what matters

Focus on providing unified and deep visibility into the threat landscape through the discovery, collection and analysis of cyber threat intelligence from the deep web and dark web surface web.

Visibility of cybercrime on the Internet

90% visibility into cybercrime markets. 10X more coverage than any other solution. Processing +300B Deep & Dark Web logs and +15B pages monitored per day.

Own team of analysts

All cybercrime analysis and research activities are performed by an in-house team of analysts. No third party information is indexed.

AI & ML usage

Prioritized alerts and workflow automation using AI and ML

Ongoing support

ETEK not only reports alerts derived from threat intelligence, but also accompanies the entire process of investigation and containment of digital risks associated with cybercrime.

Threat intelligence across the breach lifecycle

Focus on providing unified and deep visibility into the threat landscape through continuous discovery, collection, analysis and synthesis of cyber threat intelligence from the deep web and dark web surface web.

Attack Surface Management

Our attack surface management capability allows you to continuously list and assess the risk of assets that are public on the Internet.

Dark Web and Cyber Crime Intelligence

Combination of technical expertise and Big Data power to deliver early warning signals of threat intelligence in the Deep and Dark Web.

Digital Brand Protection & Social Media Monitoring

Complete coverage of threat vectors that are used by cybercriminals to launch attacks aimed at affecting the brand.


Threat intelligence

360° visibility on the external attack surface. Presence in 90% of cybercrime markets. +200B records scanned on the DeepWeb. +50B threat indicators identified. 400M+ digital assets monitored. Continuous support throughout the entire breach cycle (before, during and after).

The service offers six capabilities listed below and 32 search parameters to deliver 360-degree threat intelligence.
*Brand Reputation Monitoring
*Attack Surface Detection
*Darkweb and open Internet Monitoring
*Cybercrime Intelligence
*Third Party Cyber Scoring
*Threat Intelligence

For threats associated with Phishing or brand abuse it is possible to apply TakeDowns with an average time of 6 - 8 hours. For attacks coming from Deep & DarkWeb threat actors the service can support validation and containment activities by directly contacting the threat actors.

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