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Data Loss Prevention

Identify, proctect and share data without worrying about data breach with the use of AI led engine that prepares your organization for compliance, protects it from exfilteration and prevents loss of key information.

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Your Data might be at Risk.

Organizations for long have struggled to implement a right fit solution for protecting data within the organizations. In fact as per an IBM report the average cost of Data breach is about 4.45 million USD.


Manual Data classification

Manually taging the data to ensure the tool is able to recorgnize the file type and apply rules accordingly


Manual Policy definition

Manually defining the policies with the need to create each individual rule and test for compliance adherance


Complex Data lifecycle

Ever growing landscape of medium to store and share data making it difficult to track and apply rules

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Take control of your data security with ETEK's 4th Gen services

ETEK’s services are enabled with use of a 4th Gen DLP solution to automatically classify data, define policies and provide data exfilteration prevention across Network, Endpoint and Cloud Apps.

4th Gen Solution and Services

AI led services to automate the hassle of data classification, policy generation and access control to protect business critical data 

● Contextualize

Identify and classify what is critical to your organization in both structured and unstructured data.

● Automate

Automate the process of policy generation, access control and compliance tracking.

● Continuum

Continuously monitor the data flow within the organization to ensure no data is exfiltrated.

● Team of Experts

Experienced team for Support and implementation to help deliver services aligned to compliance, industry and business requirements

Network DLP

Monitor and classify the data in motion, enforce access control and policies through an AI based platform where custom ontologies can be developed to cater to your data requirements.

Endpoint DLP

Use of Agents at the end point to ensure protection from data leak even when not in office network. The solution is focused on protecting the end points from any data breach attempts.

Data Discovery and Classification

Automatically discover and classify data in your network and cloud storage solution to help understand where the data is residing and who has access to what information.

Data Vault

Securely share data with 3rd party vendor / partners while governing the policies on each individual file ensuring no misuse of information shared by you.


Key Questions asked by our clients.

ETEK's 4th Generation DLP services sets apart from the traditional way of classifying and controling data with the use of AI led platform that considerably reduces the effort to setup data protection solution.

The solution is charged at cost per user.

The solution can be implemented on cloud, on premise and in a hybrid setup. There is a need to install an Endpoint agent when subscribing to End Point DLP services otherwise the solution is implemented to into Network traffic.

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