Security in OT (Operational Technologies)

La velocidad con la que avanza la tecnolog√≠a va en paralelo a la aparici√≥n de nuevas vulnerabilidades y amenazas que pueden comprometer significativamente a la infraestructura de las compa√Ī√≠as. Los sistemas industriales y de operaci√≥n no son ajenos a estas amenazas, por lo que es necesario implementar programas de seguridad que busquen mitigar los riesgos […]

Next generation endpoint protection EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Not only have cyberthreats increased in numbers, but also in complexity. Hacking campaigns that a few years ago were intended to exploit certain fairly well known code have become structured and chameleon-like processes, capable of studying a network and its vulnerabilities before exploiting them. Therefore, solutions based on the behavior analysis of malicious codes already […]

MDR Service Definitions

What is MDR? The purpose of MDR services is to quickly identify and reduce the impact of security incidents on customers. These services focus on 24/7 monitoring, detection and targeted threat response activities. In ETEK we use a combination of host and network layer technologies as well as advanced analysis, threat intelligence, forensic data and […]

Recommendations for Secure Zoom Sessions

Many organizations and professionals are having increased security concerns while using Zoom as a Conferencing platform. However, it is difficult to switch platforms because of investments, user experience, and past practices. ETEK Security Advisory experts are providing the following 7 Key Technical and Zoom Tool Management Recommendations to use Zoom securely: ¬† Updates: All platforms […]

U.S. President signs executive order to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity

On May 12, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to strengthen the nation‚Äôs cybersecurity in the wake of the hacking of the colonial pipeline, the largest pipeline network in the United States, which left the East Coast stranded. The order directed at the private sector mandates the adoption of strict new standards for […]

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