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Strategic Cibersecurity Plan

Define an achievable and realistic vision for the organization’s cybersecurity program from the vision of the business , technology, operating ecosystem and regulatory environment, with a futuristic and risk-connected vision.

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Aligning cybersecurity to the business environment

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Context and business alignment

Cybersecurity must realistically understand and interpret the context in which it operates and how it fits into the dynamics of the organization.


Comprehensive and proactive view of risk

How to obtain a holistic view of cybersecurity risk with the balance between short-term decisions and long-term proactive actions.


Determine what to protect and how much to invest

Consider risk, priorities and investments that best impact business results.

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How does ETEK support the achievement of these challenges?

Approach of the plan from the business perspective and the expected results, outlining together with the client activities in specific deadlines having as main connector the transversal, complete and future vision of the cybersecurity risk.

+20 years of experience in different disciplines of Cybersecurity in IT and OT.

Consulting in the development of the plan by specialists with more than 20 years of experience in different disciplines of Cybersecurity in IT and OT.

Information resulting from the plan presented on the Netrum SITA platform.

Cybersecurity strategic plan presented in Netrum SITA platform, consolidating the current status, desired status and roadmap initiatives.

Details of What and How

Clear differentiation between what to protect and how to protect with the balance between short-term decisions and long-term proactive actions.

Customized FrameWorks

Methodology that unifies different industry-recognized frameworks with a practical vision that connects Objectives, GAPs, specific projects and actions.

Strategic Cybersecurity Plan

The vision of the desired state of cybersecurity is established based on objectives and results to be achieved in a defined period of time. The frameworks used ensure consistency and articulation between cybersecurity functions and objectives.

Prioritized cyber security initiatives

Initiatives and their prioritization make it possible to determine resources and responsibilities that lead directly to effective and measurable results of the plan.


Key Questions asked by our clients.

The average time for the definition of a cybersecurity strategic plan ranges between 8 - 10 weeks depending on the complexity of the organization.


Plan should be re-evaluated at least once a year or less frequently depending on the dynamics of changes in the strategic vision of the business.

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