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Endpoint Security

Monitor, manage and protect your Endpoint through the use to best in class solutions protecting Endpoints against known and unknown threats.

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Majority of cyber attack being at the End Points

With the increase in complexity of threat landscape, Endpoints are susceptible to attacks and prone to infect the critical infrastructure.


Lack of Visibility

Majority of the enterprise will have solutions to monitor the activities in network, however they lack the capability to activities in the user endpoints


Shadow IT

Use of non compliant devices, tools and services in the user endpoints makes it more difficult to monitor and protect endpoints


Remote Workforce

With the increase in working from home, users work outside of the office network where basic solutions are not able to protect against any threats

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Take control of your Endpoint with the of deployment

ETEK’s Endpoint Security Services support brings in ease of deployment and customer delight through the use of best in class tools and solutions. We strive to simplify the environment while protecting against complex environment.

Contextualized protection for end to end coverage

Use of best in class tools and solutions to protect endpoint assets from external threats and internal disruptions.

● Managed Threat hunting

Provide an end to end solution including deployment and managed service to ensure readiness to respond to attacks

● Content Aware Protection

Identify key areas of leakage and protect against cyberattacks

● Device control

Enforce device control such as USB blocking, port contol and enforced encryptions.

● Team of Experts

Experienced team for Support and implementation to help deliver services aligned to compliance, industry and business requirements

Endpoint Protection platform (EPP)

EPP platform acts as a first line of defence against cyberattacks fending against threats that try to gain access to organization’s network.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

EDR solution help with tracking of threats that are undetected within organization’s network, enables analysts to provide incident response and conduct forensics in post attack scenario

XDR: Extended detection and reponse

XDR is carefully curated combination of EDR and EPP solution to provide protection against threats and also help organization with the capability for incident reponse and forensics.

Incidence Reponse

Dedicated services to provide our clients with the process for incident response helping them in indentifying the threat vector, what caused the breach and how to recover from it. We have our experts working 24×7 across the globe to support our cilents.


Key Questions asked by our clients.

Endpoint security is a cybersecurity solution-based approach for detecting unauthorized devices, applications, or communications. On the other hand, Data loss prevention (DLP) protects your stored data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Endpoind security solution identify threats throughout your environment, examining the threat's whole lifetime and offering insights on what occurred, how it entered your system,where it went, what it was doing at the time, and what you can do to stop it.

The pricing is based on a flat per server per year model.

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