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How to manage digital identity? ETEK has the answer

ETEK’s Digital Identity Management provides the tools and technologies to control user access to critical information within an organization. 

A comprehensive cloud-based service ensures that every association and interaction of identities with applications is protected, monitored and secured. 

Bogota, Colombia – October 7, 2021 – ETEK International Corporation presented the evolution of Digital Identity Management through a comprehensive service that unifies in a simple way Access Management, Identity Governance Management and Privileged Access Management. 

As more online transactions happen every day, so does the complexity of managing digital identity. This area demands numerous aspects, techniques and expertise to address common challenges and ensure that people and workstations can access the tools they need to do their jobs and have the appropriate access based on pre-established roles. 

ETEK’s Digital Identity Management service applies a strategy based on the right people getting the right access to the right resources at the right time and for the right reasons to achieve business objectives. 

“ETEK’s Identity and Access Management is a service that helps organizations to control access to resources securely and is also essential to defend IT infrastructures against cyber-attacks while preventing data loss,” states Juan Camilo Reyes, CRO of ETEK.  


In general terms, digital identity lifecycle management involves processes like registration, identity validation, attributes, rights, privileges and authentication, access control and credential revocation.  

Digital Identity Management is critical to securing access to organizational resources. Still, it is also essential to ensure that individuals access these resources, mainly when they belong to or relate to them.  

Key features of ETEK’s Digital Identity Management include: 

  • Zero Trust Security: The Zero Trust network security model is governed by the ‘Never Trust, Always Verify’ philosophy. Users have access only after verifying their identities in multiple ways and only to the applications they may need to carry out their work through this concept.  

  • Role-based access control: Provides access to users and devices based on the work they carry out. 
  • Privileged Access Management: Helps ensure that privileged access is handled in a secure and automated manner with the ability to monitor and provide end-to-end security. 
  • Identity Analytics: Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, it helps examine large amounts of data in a short time while recognizing dangerous patterns that can lead to threats.  

“ETEK’s service consolidates all concepts – from password and access management to identity management, governance, analytics and privileged access – to ensure improved security, reduced risk and more agile and reliable access certification processes,” said Juan Camilo Reyes.  

It is a cloud-based service, simple to implement and capable of delivering the scalability required for organizations looking to grow with flexibility while complying with legal and regulatory requirements. 


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