Strategy to face COVID-19

Secure Remote Connectivity

Digital Transformation requires networking transformation

  • We can´t connect massively distributed apps by laying more MPLS-WAN, VPN or SD-WAN train tracks
  • We need a plataform designed to securely and reliably deliver Internet-distributed applications

Secure Remote Productivity

Times have changed, teleworkers cannot escape compliance with corporate policies and companies every day require that these new trends (remote work) be driven not only functionally but also safely.

  • Business continuity 24/7/365
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of teleworking risks
  • Lower costs
  • Scalable and opex-based model
  • Significant Improvements in application performance
  • Easy to implement without the need of Hardware

Awareness For Teleworkers

The new trend is driving organizations to face new challenges in terms of remote work, while ensuring the security and data protection on a daily basis. According to this, we should bear in mind these top priorities:

  • Reduce the amount of security incidents due to social engineering
  • Comply with regulatory and corporate policy requirements
  • Increased the awareness coverage achieved through digital campaigns
  • Generate more awareness at the personal and family perspectives

Web Application Protection

What are we up against?

  • Critical web applications
  • 70% of websites to be vulnerable
  • 90,000 applications are compromised daily
  • DDoS can represent up to 25% of the traffic
  • TTPs

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