Cloud Security

Secure your cloud environment and maximize the benefits it offers your business.
  • Set of policies, technologies, applications and controls framed in a security architecture aligned the business in order to protect data, applications, services and infrastructure associated with cloud computing in the IaaS, SaaS and PaaS modalities.

Endpoint Security

Protect your endpoint devices against malware and other threats
  • Set of solutions that focus on preventing, detecting and responding to malware or malicious attacks that can go beyond physical and network security controls, to protect endpoints (laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones or other mobile devices).

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We help define the guidelines to protect the information of your organization, by identifying the risks and ensuring compliance within regulatory frameworks.
  • We help create the organization’s mandates through which the information security guidelines and critical infrastructure are defined. Included are organizational structure, risk assessment, their treatment plan and due compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable.

Perimeter and Network Security

Controls organization access from different network segments ensuring protection against threats.
  • Our next-generation solutions control access between different internal and external network segments and ensure protection against threats

Identity and Access Management

Builds authentication, authorization, and auditing capabilities in your corporate environment.
  • Solutions framed in a “zero-trust” architecture which manage the relationship of the authentication, authorization and audit modalities between users and/or entities while maximizing efficient use of resources being accessed.

OT Security

State of the art detection and response to industrial process asets and industial processes cyber threats.
  • Comprehensive solutions and capabilities to detect and respond to cyber threats that may put the Security and Reliability of assets and industrial processes at risk.

Data Governance

  • Services and technologies aimed at strengthening capacities to prevent, detect and respond to threats that affect data throughout its life cycle within the context of the organization

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