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Let us support your business with our security incident detection and response services. 
  • Continuous and proactive service of security and threat monitoring, detection, analysis and response to incidents that correlates the intelligence of specific threats and the telemetry collected from the customer's environment.

Proactive Threat Management

Chronos services integrate elements of social engineering with pentesting to understand  behavior in the face of an attack scenario in the real world. This includes phishing campaigns, guided use of malware, exploitation of vulnerabilities, lateral movement, social engineering and more. The knowledge obtained enables the development of response strategies for similar real situations and at the same time measure the levels of protection, detection and response to the attacks performed. 
It emphasizes the detection of a system’s security vulnerabilities with the purpose of knowing the level of exposure that an asset has due to the lack of updates, application of security patches and weaknesses in the installed software. 
Scanning for vulnerabilities present in both infrastructure and applications. This service is intended to validate the existence of a vulnerability by executing the exploitation of the same, from either an internal or external vector regarding a specific service.
Check the existence and try to exploit vulnerabilities in configurations, operating systems, web applications, development errors and the publishing of resources to the Internet, providing an access vector to an attacker on the infrastructure.

Its goal is to identify data leaks, fraud, movements or activities that can damage the brand or compromise the reputation of organizations from the perspective of a real and persistent attack through different scenarios.

In order to measure the level of awareness of employees, various actions are carried out to measure the degree of exposure of the organization to attacks such as phishing and physical intrusion tests.
Its goal is to validate against the in-depth defense model, PaaS and IaaS the technical controls and minimum requirements an organization should have to protect its own infrastructure. As a result of the analysis, strategic security plans are generated.
It allows the company to identify potential threats on social networks, web pages, forums and deep web by searching for sensitive information such as users, passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information.
Its purpose is to identify existing vulnerabilities in the source code of an application and in all variables that can be tampered with by the user.
It is intended to strengthen the company’s incident response plan by planning and executing a controlled attack on the organization’s assets.

Proactive Support Service

Our proactive service is focused on your business, with tools that allow detecting possible failures before they materialize in your infrastructure and the assistance of a team of experts who will help in the rapid resolution of incidents when they occur, minimizing the impact on services.

  • Reducing risk and responding quickly before incidents occur is essential, which is why our Proactive Support service is integrated with our monitoring capabilities, which allow us to identify critical parameters and anomalies in the systems, information that will be sent and processed by an expert team that will take the required actions to avoid service failures or falls.
  • Keeping the infrastructure stable and working is also a fundamental objective of our service, therefore, through platform diagnostics, we will be able to access key points for product improvement and stabilization, which will allow the business to operate in a healthy and safe infrastructure. This diagnosis will allow us to identify improvements at the operating system level, security postures, updates and versions, best configuration practices and other fundamental system variables.
  • At the time of the failure materialization, our Proactive Support service offers immediate and unlimited access to our staff of specialists, a multidisciplinary team of level 3 engineers, with high experience in areas of networks and information security, who will be in charge of incident resolution from start to finish. Likewise, customers who have this type of service will have call prioritization, which will allow faster attention to requests.

Service benefits

Critical failure resolution in less than 30 minutes by our team of specialists, saving costs due to service outages and avoiding reputational losses.

Reduce failure materialization in the critical business infrastructure, through our monitoring and detection capabilities, accompanied by platform diagnostics that will provide fundamental recommendations to be applied to the systems.

Improve operational efficiencies, through systems stability, obtaining more free time from your technology team for the growth of your business.

Standard Support Service

Our standard support service offers customers all of our incident resolution capabilities and experience, with 24/7/365 operation, through a three-level service of assistance and expertise.

Assistance to our Clients' Requirements

We have different service channels such as email, telephone and service management tool, through which customers will receive assistance for their incidents and requirements. Our first level of assistance will be in charge of our help desk, who will evaluate the request and categorize it depending on its severity. Additionally, we have a staff of engineers at different levels, who have multidisciplinary training, certified in the main areas of the information security sector, who will be in charge of solving your requirements.

Capabilities and Tools for Assistance

Our standard support service is complemented by our knowledge base, a powerful database, with entries related to multiple products, where all experiences in incident resolution, best practices, queries etc. are recorded, which help our team to give a quick response to our customers. Additionally, we have our service management tool, where we keep complete traceability of all the requests from our clients, preserving the work history, details of the affected assets, versions, physical location, model and other data that facilitate the assistance of their clients’ requirements.

Service benefits

Support 24/7/365 to assist our clients in the resolution of incidents and requests.

Services portal, where you can access reports that allow you to know the details of your requirements and requests in a view that adds value to your management.

High-level human and technological resources and training to help keep your business operating.

Implementation Services

Plan, control and execute projects of solutions in cybersecurity (physical infrastructure information) using international standards such as PMI, SCRUM and best practices from vendors, meeting customer expectations in terms of scope, time, cost and quality.

Incident Response Services

  • Tranquility 24/7/365
  • Increased trust between clients and investors
  • Costs reduction
  • Centralization of security ecosystems
  • Management of patterns and trends instead of analysis by events

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