Wellness at Etek

Etek promotes the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employees through yoga, stretching, active breaks, dancing, Taebo, healthy workshops and affordable yearly gym membership.

We believe work and life can impact and influence each other. That is why we are committed to a harmonious work/life balance at Etek, and a focus on health and wellness.

Building a strong culture of wellness not only helps us to become healthier people, it also keeps our employees encouraged and engaged at work.

Caring about our employees is how we care about our company.

Mindfulness Meditation Practice at Etek

Etek brings mindfulness, the awareness of the present moment, to the workplace.

At 7:00 a.m., every Mon-Fri, Etek opens the day with a meditation practice that anyone in the company is welcome to join.

A regular meditation practice can help improve employee relationships, reduce stress increase productivity and boost health and well-being. And, it’s a trainable skill that get’s stronger with practice!

This practice of meditation developes self-awareness, openness, and thoughtfulness and has a positive impact on employees and on the company bottom line.

At Etek, we offer 15-25 minutes daily group meditation sessions centered on awareness of breathing and loving kindness, designed to generate more focus and positive feelings.

For more in-depth training, we make available 10-day meditation courses for all our employees, at no cost, as part of our personal development programs. 

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