Etek Offers Threat Intelligence Certification Course; Enrollment Open Now

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ETEK International has rolled out its Threat Intelligence Certification Course, which aims to provide the security and IT professional knowledge required to enhance skills as a threat intelligence analyst.

With so much retail moving to e-commerce this year, and the resultant spike in malicious attempts targeting retailers, shoppers, and broader business in general, it is critical that all companies have personnel properly trained and empowered to address these threats.

Cyber ​​threat intelligence consists of analyzing processed information into processed information about the intention, timing, and capacity of malicious actors.

This ETEK certification has a realistic and futuristic approach, and according to the IT security company, it is one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence certifications on the market today.

The certification course will be held during the month of December 2020. Enrollment is open and interested participants can email and jmesa@ etek .com, call +57 1-2571520 extensions 4701 and 4708 or WhatsApp Ana Maria at +57 304 339 1810 or Johanna at +57 317 893 3479.

ETEK International provides comprehensive Information Security services through a portfolio specializing in preventing, controlling, detecting, neutralizing and reducing events that represent a risk to the integrity and confidentiality of their clients. ETEK has the CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) certification by the FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) which accredits it as a world-class information security incident response team. For more information, visit

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