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This course is designed to improve cybersecurity levels for all people; It is aimed at all audiences, anyone who interacts with a device, a computer, a tablet, a cell phone, etc. This course concentrates on the various methods that cybercriminals employ and how to avoid being a victim.

Duration: 8 Hours

It is intended for systems professionals with experience in server, network and security administration and have a basic understanding of TCP / IP networks.

After completing the course, participants will understand the basic tools to use to monitor a local network, detect usage patterns, abnormal behaviors and potential intrusions. They will also be able to do basic security checks on the main services available.

Duration: 24 Hours

This course was designed in order to expand knowledge in the forensic area which is vital to carry out investigations and clarify a heretofore unknown situation. Through the proper handling of information and digital evidence, you can locate cybercriminal gangs dedicated to illegal activities and/or find the location of common criminals.

Duration: 40 Hours

Designed to provide participants with the necessary tools and techniques so that they can perform as ethical pentesters or hackers in an organization, or even for those curious from the world of Information Security, who want to understand how in the real world a malicious attacker can take control of your information. Duration: 40 Hours
Organization’s websites are continually attacked by multiple actors and this is a reality that we see reflected in the security events (logs) of our Firewalls. Often we are not sufficiently alarmed about protecting the existing information on our servers. Break in techniques are frequently used to discover passwords from systems.  Attackers also use various password break in techniques to gain unauthorized access to vulnerable systems.

Duración: 20 Horas

Taking into account the relevance of many of the processes that SCADA systems monitor and manage, it is clear that organizations cannot risk vulnerabilities, incidents or errors in these systems. Otherwise, significant damage could result, not only in the organization, through financial impact, sanctions or loss of image, but also in society itself, endangering human lives or, for example, affecting the environment.

Duration: 20 Hours

Each of us wants to carry our office with us, and in fact we do. We carry it in our cell phones, email, and any other application that may be useful to us in our daily life, but: Do we really know what happens behind our cell phone screen? Do we know if someone is able to track our exact location, thanks to those “applications” or “apps” that we have installed indiscriminately? Do we know if someone is able to remotely listen to our calls or view our messages? These and many other questions are what we train people to solve.

Duration: 20 Hours

This course was designed with the aim of learning first-hand about the latest malware threats on mobile devices, including how to do proper analysis and case studies. Students also learn the mechanisms that can be used in the different mobile device hardware and software platforms which differ somewhat from the traditional procedure carried out for computer equipment.

Duration: 20 Hours

A Malware Analyzer or Researcher career requires a broad and significant level of knowledge in order to fully understand how systems and programs work and the potential dangers to which the technological infrastructure is exposed. Every day new attacks come to light from the dreaded APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) software tools created by various actors (governments, criminals, etc.) who seek in most cases to steal information (cyber espionage), generate disinformation, etc.

Duration: 24 Hours

This course is oriented to the development of a framework for the correct implementation of cybersecurity controls necessary to comply with regulatory frameworks without compromising security or operating productivity.

Duration: 8 Hours

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