If one envisions to succeed, being aware of the existing market trends and finding opportunities through them is indispensable. Therefore, ETEK endeavors to deliver solutions through training to the challenges prevailing or predicted in advance.

From secured cloud development, OT/IoT, cyber crisis management, resilience & business continuity, struggle of protecting organization’s information & critical assets while working remotely to virtual threats, regulatory compliance, and more ETEK provides specialized training educating about it all.

In a step towards the same, ETEK has an integrated strategy to cover each and every aspect of cybersecurity. First, Awareness strategies & campaigns, designed and executed alongside to raise awareness among end-users about the suitable use and protection of data. Second, Workshops for managers and executives, emphasizing on how to manage, supervise, and monitor cyber-crisis that may affect the reputation and continuity of the business. Last but not the least, Tailor-made training courses catering to the needs and requirements of an organisation, touching base on different topics like cybersecurity, remote work challenges, incident management, secured development, personal data protection, and more.


Keeping in mind the experience and expected results, ETEK University curate different courses. Defining the outflow channel of information leading to desired output. Starting from gathering information by working with RED TEAM to perform Social Engineering Tests and evaluating vulnerability of employees and handling sensitive information. Accordingly developing creative concepts, diffusing the scenario, and lastly measuring results and recommendations.

The courses offered include topics such as:

Cybersecurity Architecture for Regulatory Compliance

Cybersecurity and Countermeasures

Corporate Cybersecurity

Incident Response (technical)

Introduction to Hacking (technical)

Secure cloud architecture

Controls and Countermeasures for Protecting Corporate Environments (Technical)

Cyber Tools (Technical)

Secure JAVA or .NET programming workshop

And more delivering advantages like regulatory compliance, staff with better skills, preventing money loss, mitigating information security incidents etc.

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