Development-Operation Cycle Security (DevSecOps)

The developments and operation of new applications or features are critical for companies because they represent the services that are exposed and provided to the end customer. The development and operation cycle must be well defined, under governance, automation and security policies at all stages of operation.

By having a DevOps strategy in a company, it ensures agility, monitoring, and automation in software construction, they seek to achieve a CI/CD (Integration and Continuous Distribution) strategy. However, adding   security to this cycle (known as  DevSecOps) achieves:

  • Fast and secure market departure: Development, testing, and release times are not affected by security, on the contrary, they are accelerated as they avoid reprocessing when vulnerabilities are detected.
  • Avoid reputationalloss : Many releases companies make are highly vulnerable, which completely affects the company's reputation with the community and customers.
  • Avoid Business Impact– Vulnerabilities that can be exploitable les affect companies very economically.
  • Achieve compliance: Some applications that are published must have regulatory compliance such as PCI, HIPPA, Personal Data Protection, etc.
  • Attackresilience: An application that has been designed under a resilient attack architecture can be

Based on these benefits,ETEK seeks customers to adopt the  DevSecOps Framework designed to continuously ensure CI/CD through controls, tools, and services:

ETEK has government experts in code development, implementation of static, dynamic, and interactive code analysis tools, process hacking service, threat intelligence, SOC 2.0. In addition,  with its alliances, ETEK offers the development cycle optimization service by implementing automation in the development,security and operation in Azure and Googlepipelines, as well as defining them.

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