Overview & ETEK Framework

ETEK is a renowned managed cybersecurity services provider, helping clients find solutions to their problems and undertake a journey to digital transformation through progressive steps. We walk extra miles to deliver services aligned with our vision to be provide path-breaking and performance-enhancing cyber solutions to be a preferred choice.

Who We Are

We bring peace of mind to our clients through integrated cybersecurity solutions. We leave no stone unturned to transform the aims, goals, and destinations of different businesses across diverse industries, digitally with a broad portfolio of end-to-end services as per the business needs and requirements.

Our Mission

To deliver best-in-class, quality, and next-level cyber services and solutions that bring peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction to our client.

Our Vision

To push the envelope of our capabilities and become the top preferred choice of businesses in their journey of transformation in their respective arena with result-driven and performance-boosting cyber solutions.

Company Overview

We have more than 25+ years practical experience

ETEK comes with more than 25 years of experience in providing customized and innovative cybersecurity solutions, renowned worldwide. Since the day of their advent into the industry, they have constructed powerful and robust pillars of 15+ years of MSS background, 110+ specialists & 20+ certifications, 250+ clientele across segments, and Infra support of 88M+ USD/hr in banking transactions, 240.000+/hr banking operations and 75% mobile access for 50 million. Thereby, reflecting the strength and dedication with which they undertake projects and complete them successfully.


Everything put together, ETEK holds unwavering values and eternal work philosophy that differentiates them from the competition. ETEK is a culture synonymous with integrity, truth, trust, harmony, reliability, customer-centric, and community focus.


Putting its customers’ needs and requirements first, ETEK aligns its actions and plans to deliver the best of solutions. Thereby, delivering unexpected results, extraordinary solutions, and growth scaling processes to unveil new avenues of progress.

Therefore, by putting its excellence into practice, ETEK follows the following model or a planned framework, juggles them, and acts it outright in time by studying market trends and creating a few themselves.

  • 1. Understanding the pain points & challenges of a client and dissecting them under different categories like process & governance, risk management, profitability improvement, etc.
  • Addressing the pain points with the right kind of portfolio management put in different sections like Biz Core, Cloud, DX, etc.
  • Managing by adding security services, implementation services, outsourcing and more.
  • Adding three-layered ETEK insights to connecting strategy to action, cyber risk combined with cybersecurity controls.

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