Cloud Security

All services in which they are hosted in some cloud model have a responsibility on the part of the organization that hosts its services there. Cloud providers offer basic configurations that are known as  Cloud Security. However, these are not enough to ensure the workloads or peace of mind of organizations. For this reason, the shared responsibility model applies to these types of services, in which the organization hosting your cloud services must implement Cloud Security programs.

A cloud security program seeks to cover the following problems which are very common in the cloud:

  • Loss of government and visibility
  • High risk of information leakage.
  • Lack of strategy and secure architecture.
  • Lack of governance and compliance policies.
  • Poor privilege management.
  • Lack of security checks.

To support our customers, ETEK offers servicesfor companies to have a clear security program leveraged in good market practices and aligned to business expectations.

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