Cloud Migration

Because of the benefits of cloud services in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, companies have begun the journey to have architectures and services in different public or private clouds. This journey (known as  Journey  to  Cloud) presents great challenges of design, governance, security, architecture, and technical complexity.

In order to achieve operational efficiency, cost optimization and cloud security, companies need to make this journey in an organized manner and under design parameters to help you ensure. For this ETEK perform this process which includes:

  • Migration program aligned to business expectations and objectives
  • Selection of more business-friendly cloud providers.
  • Discovery and evaluation of services that can be migrated.
  • Categorizing migration strategies for each service using 6R's analysis
  • Migration plan: Application design, migration, and validation.
  • Application modernization
  • Security governance implementation
  • Implementing cloud security controls.
  • Zero Trust architecture implementation
  • Secure Frameworks-based architecture.
  • Operation Model Implementation: Migration, Integration, Testing, Transformation, Monitoring, Continuous Security, Optimization.

To achieve these goals, ETEK has highly qualified engineers with architecture certifications in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, as well as secure cloud certifications such as CCSK (Cloud Security Alliance), security architecture frameworks such as  SABSA, and compliance programs.

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