Disaster Recovery Institute International, is an organization that helps companies around the world prepare for and recover from disasters by providing education, accreditation and thought leadership in business continuity, disaster recovery, cyber resilience and related fields.

In this course, participants review the business continuity planning model, as well as the creation, implementation, and administration of the program. Additionally, it includes lessons on maintenance and testing of the plan, crisis communication and coordination with external authorities.

Duration: 36 Hours

Challenging and highly interactive, this course uses a workshop format to introduce you to a hypothetical company scenario and guide you through an analytical review of your business continuity management program. Not only will you learn the principles of business continuity, you will be asked to apply them critically and accurately. Upon completion of the course, you will take the exam through a case study, which will rigorously analyze and assess your understanding and knowledge of business continuity practices.

Duration: 20 Hours

Risk management is a priority in all sectors, from the supply chain to cyber security. Through this course, professionals will work to truly identify the threats facing your organization and how to protect against them. Additionally, they will learn to carry out risk assessments, reduce the organization’s vulnerabilities, select profitable risk controls and obtain the acceptance of senior management. Developed and taught by experienced instructors, this program combines theory with real-world practice to provide you with in-depth instructions and tools that you can use to create a robust risk management program.

Duration: 36 Hours

You will discover how business continuity and cybersecurity must be integrated into each organization, using the five elements of cyber resilience: prepare, identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Collectively, these concepts and the resulting action plans will help develop a strategy to effectively respond to unforeseen events and get your organization up and running as quickly as possible.

Duration: 36 Hours

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